M1 Mobility

Broadgate Farm awarded M1 Mobility status by VisitEngland

Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages, nestled in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, are delighted to announce the findings of a recent grading by VisitEngland. 

This grading visit, carried out in November 2019, has resulted in five of our 5 star Gold Yorkshire holiday properties being awarded M1 Mobility ‘One Step Ahead’ status, as part of VisitEngland’s National Accessible Scheme. The cottages are Stables, Foldyard, Barn House, Cart House & Courtyard.

What is the National Accessible Scheme?

The National Accessible Scheme (NAS) is a VisitEngland initiative which grades serviced, self-catering, hostel and campus accommodation.

The National Accessible Scheme’s intention is to improve and promote the accessibility of visitor accommodation through the provision of a straightforward, independently assessed accessibility rating system.

This helps people with impairments to ensure that the facilities they book are the facilities they find.

What does M1 Mobility ‘One Step Ahead’ mean? Mobility 1 logo

A grading of Mobility M1 (One Step Ahead) by the National Accessible Scheme simply means that our holiday cottage accommodation is suitable for older and less mobile guests.

The rating suggests that “If you can climb a flight of stairs, but banisters or grip handles would make this easier, look out for this logo.”

Wheelchair users at Broadgate Farm

The grading by VisitEngland did not cover a grading that specifically relates to wheelchairs users, we have nevertheless previously accommodated a number of guests who use wheelchairs, without issue.

“My husband is seriously disabled and uses a wheelchair but the ground floor bedroom with adjoining wetroom were ideal for his needs” Trip Advisor August 16

Therefore if you – or someone in your party – uses a wheelchair, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about how we can meet your requirements during your next stay with us.

Access for all at Broadgate Farm in Yorkshire

Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages, comprise 9 luxury self-catering holiday rentals. And we have always prided ourselves on going the extra mile for every single one of our guests. We are particularly passionate about ensuring that all our cottages are as accessible as possible.

Most of the cottages, for example, feature downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. Which makes Broadgate Farm particularly suitable for guests with limited mobility, for example, elderly guests or those recovering from surgery.

Multigenerational breaks near the Yorkshire Wolds

Our holiday rentals with downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms make Broadgate Farm the perfect location for multigenerational breaks, where larger families or groups of friends can gather, bringing together young and old alike, from babies and toddlers right through to elderly grandparents.

Yorkshire holiday cottages welcomes guests with dementia, autism or visual impairment

Not only does Broadgate Farm look to accommodate those with limited mobility, who might also use a wheelchair, we also do everything we can to make our cottages as welcoming as possible for anyone with dementia, autism or a visual impairment.

This might include removing all rugs that someone with a visual impairment could not otherwise easily spot.

Or for someone with autism, it might benefit them to have a more pared back environment, free from additional décor, with more low level lighting and no sudden, loud noise.

It’s not just the interior of the property that is thought of. We can also ensure, for example, that a parking space is made available right next to a property. Or that we only mow the lawns when you have left the site for the day, reducing the likelihood of any unnecessary sensory overload.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How can I book an accessible holiday cottage in Yorkshire?

If you or someone in your party has additional needs that you would like us to take into consideration, then please do not hesitate to contact Elaine at Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages.

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