Guide to Beverley, Yorkshire.

Beverley is known for its bustling high street, with a wide range of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as its charming medieval alleys and courtyards. With its rich history, beautiful architecture, and friendly atmosphere, this market town is a popular destination for visitors to East Yorkshire.

Beverley is worth much more than a day trip - it is the perfect spot for exploring the East Yorkshire countryside so why not stay over for a few days or a week. Our self catering accommodation at Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages is just 2 miles from the centre of Beverley.

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Beverley Minster - founded in 700 AD, although the current building dates back to 1220. During the summer months, Beverley Minster offers tours to the rooftop for an incredible panoramic view of the town. Beverley Minster is not only one of the most significant landmarks in the East Riding of Yorkshire, but also one of the finest gothic churches in the country, a magnificent medieval building with a rich history and beautiful stained glass windows. As you make your way to the Minster look out for The Street of Steps - an historic street lined with Georgian houses and shops, leading up to the Minster.

John, bishop of York and later canonised, founded the original monastery c. 718 on the site now occupied by the Minster. Construction of the building began in 1220 and continued until 1425, with later centuries adding further elements. A team of masons and skilled craftsmen are still employed to upkeep maintenance and manage repairs. In the middle ages it became a significant place of pilgrimage and sanctuary and continues to be visited by thousands of people from all corners of the world.

However, it is also a living parish church and very much at the heart of the community. Beverley Minster offers something for everyone, from architectural splendour to spiritual comfort.

Beverley Westwood is a relic from bygone years, one of the few common pastureland remaining in the country. It is open for all residents and visitors to enjoy, the Westwood is the perfect place for family picnics, dog walking, kite flying and taking in the country air.

golf on westwood

Watching over it all is the imposing Black Mill and at the furthest corner, Burton Bushes, an ancient oak forest, carpeted with wild flowers. A unique and much loved area of Beverley is the Westwood, this common pasture land has been under the guardianship of the Pasture Masters for generations. Beverley Racecourse – A thriving country racecourse Beverley is one of Yorkshire's leading racecourses with race days 2-3 days a month in the season.

There is excellent shopping in the centre of Beverley and also the new Flemingate Centre.

Market Days - Catch the lively weekly market selling a wide range of goods, from fresh produce to clothing and gifts and there is also an additional Christmas market in December. Saturday is the main market day in Beverley with a large busy market located surprisingly enough in Saturday Market Place! There is also a smaller market on a Wednesday and yes, you have guessed it, located in Wednesday Market Place.

Image credits: Westwood Istock/Daniel J Rao, Moors Istock/Daniel Bhim-Rao, York Istock/C Wong, Deep Istock/Paul Hutchings

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