Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of our holiday cottages

You can browse all our cottages on their virtual tours, select your cottage below

You can move around each room, look up/down or side to side - all designed to make it easy to see what's in your cottage!

We have sometimes changed furnishings or added features

Where this is a material change we have added a note to the tour

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Forge Tour

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Stables Tour

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Foldyard Tour

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Cart 2 Tour

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Courtyard Tour

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Granary Tour

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Barn Tour

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Cart 4 Tour

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High Barn - see Barn House and Foldyard

A virtual tour helps you see all the details of the cottage, you can look around each room and move around the cottage. You can use the arrow keys to look up or down and from side to side.

We have a virtual tour for each cottage.

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