East Yorkshire Walking Festival

East Yorkshire Walking Festival

The East Yorkshire Walking Festival is coming up!

Between the 9th and 22nd of September there are several themed walking tours across Beverley, Tickton, Flambrough, Bridlington and Hornsea. The walks rage from easy to more challenging, meaning there's an event to suit everyone!

We have selected some of our favourites

8th Sept, tour of Beverley Treasure House

Beverley Treasure House is a cultural and heritage centre that houses a wide range of historical, artistic, and cultural artifacts and collections. You will find a significant collection of artworks and artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other cultural items that often reflect the rich history and artistic heritage of East Yorkshire. There are also fossils, geological specimens, and information about the local environment and wildlife. The Treasure House is closing down temporarily for a refurbishment shortly so take this chance to see the exhibits.

9th Sept, Beverley tour of Robert Elwell (artist)

Examples of Elwell's work are scattered across the town, this walking tour takes in each of the artworks and offers insights into this former resident of Beverley

9th Sept, Migfest- watching the migration of birds at Spurn

Spurn Point is a renowned destination for birdwatchers and ornithologists due to its significance as a migration hotspot. The area's unique geographical features make it an essential stopover point for many species of birds during their annual migrations.

Spurn Point lies along the eastern coast of England and is strategically positioned along the East Coast Flyway, which is a major migratory route for birds traveling between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering areas in Africa and other parts of Europe. Many bird species use this route during their seasonal migrations. One of the most significant bird migrations at Spurn Point occurs during the autumn months, typically from late August to early November. Thousands of birds, including waders, passerines, and raptors, pass through or stop at Spurn Point on their way south. Some birds use Spurn as a rest stop to refuel before continuing their long journey, while others may choose to overwinter in the area.

10th Sept, tour of the world of the famous author Anthony Trollope's 1868 Beverley

Anthony Trollope was a prolific English novelist who wrote during the Victorian era. One of his notable works is the novel "Phineas Finn," published in 1867. In this novel, there are references to the town of Beverley - find out more on this facinating tour

11th Sept, tour of the historic Beverley Minster

A stunning Gothic masterpiece and one of the largest parish churches in the United Kingdom. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of Beverley Minster to learn about its history, architecture, and significance. Here's what you can expect on a tour of Beverley Minster: tombs and monuments, lovely stained glass windows, the beautifully carved choir stalls, the intricately designed high altar screen, and the historic organ. You may also be lucky enough to see the chapter house, a beautiful octagonal room with a vaulted ceiling. This room has historical significance and often features exhibits or displays related to the minster's history.

16th Sept, Mary Wollstonecraft walk

Did you know the famous women's activist and author lived in Beverley from 1768 to 1774? The family lived off Wednesday Market Place.

For a full program of events see the Walking East Yorkshire Festival website!

Which walk will you be attending?

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