Master Cancel

Cancellation cover  included – Master Cancel cover

Available for new bookings  – excludes re-arranged or voucher bookings*

Please note that Master Cancel will only cover bookings for up to 6 people whilst the law regulates the maximum number of guests permitted – if you are thinking of booking for later in the year or for 2021 for a larger group please give Elaine a call before booking.

Book a stress free holiday, full refund paid if you need to cancel between 60-2 days before arrival


Master cancel logoUp to now we have relied upon you the guest ensuring that you are covered by either your own travel insurance or by purchasing at extra cost the Booking Protect option.

Recent unprecedented events have shown us how many guests don’t take any steps to protect their holiday.

For this reason we have taken the decision to invest in Master Cancel – this is cover we pay for there is no additional charge to you the guest. It is only available for new bookings* and will give you peace of mind in these uncertain times. Applies all bookings placed from April 2020 for arrival after July 4th 2020 as long as it is not a re-arranged booking or you have used a Covid-19 related voucher.

We are protected by Master Cancel which removes the stress and worry from booking your next holiday. You can cancel from 60 – 2 days before the check in date.  Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions allow you to book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for unforeseen circumstances, we will refund you in full.


If plans change at anytime

You simply contact us initially by phone on 01482 888111 so we can talk over your options, please let us know as soon as you think you might need to cancel so that we have an opportunity to re-let the dates.


Need to cancel more than 60 days before arrival?

That is possible and we will try to relet your dates OR you can change your dates – see our terms and conditions for full details of cancellation in this period.


Need to cancel days 60 to 2 before arrival

We will refund your accommodation cost on the date of your original check out – you can cancel for unforeseen circumstances. So if you are due to arrive Saturday you can cancel up to the Thursday before.

No forms to fill in, no doctor’s notes or any evidence required, simply call us and we will ask for an email confirmation. You will be reimbursed on the departure date of your original booking – this is a condition of the Master Cancel scheme.


Need to cancel days 2 to 0 before arrival

Sorry if you cancel in this period there is no refund available, we may be able to re-let the dates for you so always call and we will see what we can do to help. It is rare that a guest cancels on the day of arrival or the day before but it has happened and we have sometimes managed to re-let the  dates.  Just to be clear to cancel a Saturday arrival  you need to cancel by the Thursday before to qualify for a refund. In this example if you cancel Friday or Saturday there is no refund available.


Does it cost me anything?

No there is no additional charge to you the guest, we are paying for the cost of this cover so that you can book with confidence.


My arrival date is after July 4th is my booking covered?

*Master Cancel only applies to new bookings placed from April 2020 for arrivals after July 4th 2020, this is a condition of the Master Cancel programme. Additionally if you have a booking re-arranged or pay with a voucher issued due to a Covid 19 affected booking that booking will not qualify for Master Cancel because your original booking date was prior to us being accepted into the Master Cancel scheme.

If you placed your booking before April 2020 &/or used a covid-19 related voucher for your booking it is not eligible for Master Cancel and our old cancellation terms apply – see your original booking confirmation. If in doubt just drop Elaine an email or call on 01482 888111


If you would like more details then please do not hesitate to contact Elaine at Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages.