Environmental Policy

Broadgate Farm Cottages aims to offer a quality holiday experience to customers at the same time taking care to reduce our environmental impact. Our main aim is your comfort and enjoyment where we can do this in a green/eco way we will but if there is a choice it will always be your comfort  that wins hands down!

We strive to protect the long term future of wildlife and the environment at Broadgate Farm, creating habitats to encourage wildlife and seek to minimise our impact upon the wildlife when we develop the site. This will mean that you should see plenty of wildlife around the farm.

Energy and Fuel Use Energy efficiency is key but we do this in a way that still gives you a luxurious stay. We select energy-efficient options for all equipment and install eco light bulbs, all we ask is that you try to help by turning off lights, heating and TV sets etc when not required.

Toasty cottages with eco-friendly heatingRelax in the comfort of our wonderful cottages

All our cottages are heated by ground source heat pumps, we installed our first in 2009 and have continued to use them as we have developed more cottages. We now have 4 - all from the only UK manufacturer of heat pumps. 

These heat pumps take heat from under the fields surrounding the cottages and ensure that all the cottages are cosy for your stay, all the cottages have full central heating most of it is underfloor but a few rooms in the Forge and Stables use radiators.  

You don't really need to use the log burners but it is sometimes nice to settle down in front of a roaring fire. All your heating is included in the price you pay including logs for the fire and if you need more logs there is a big pile in the recycling area so just help yourself!

Foldyard cosy cottage

Eco- friendly hot water systemMains pressure showers and lovely modern bathrooms

Forge bathroom
The hot water for your cottage is provided mainly by the ground source heat pumps but we do also have solar thermal heating the water as well on some of the cottages. The water is timed and can easily be adjusted if needed.
Because it is an eco - friendly system all the cottages have a highly insulated water tank, the tank is large enough for normal use but it may sometimes be necessary to allow time for the water to reheat if you use all the hot water. Our showers are all mains pressure and most cottages have a bath as well, see the individual cottage details.

RecyclingWe aim to recycle as much as possible

We have a very extensive recycling programme but don't worry it is not compulsory. For many of our guests recycling has become a way of life so we have a recycling centre with colour coded bins. We do also re-sort the general waste bins to ensure that we recycle as much as we can.

Many items can be re-purposed, so if something has plenty of life left in it we aim to spruce it up, bring it up to date and give it a new lease of life. Just as we have done with these old farm buildings.