Covid lockdown guarantee

Worried about another lockdown?

Covid Lockdown Guarantee

You can book with confidence with our Covid Lockdown Guarantee

If we have to close due to lockdown OR the postcode on the booking confirmation is subject to a Do Not Travel order by government.

You can rearrange your dates, if the rearranged dates cost less the difference will be deducted from your booking total, if they cost more it will be added to your booking total. The full value of the amount you have paid will be applied to the new booking dates.


If we can’t find a suitable date for you we will refund what you paid less the 5% non-refundable booking fee.


UK travel insurance

We strongly recommend you take out your own travel insurance for UK holidays which covers booking cancellations. There are many policies out there now that cover Covid-19 illness, self isolation etc. They will also probably have wider coverage for things like jury service, redundancy, general illness and it is a good idea to protect you holiday in this way. We don’t sell or recommend any policies but you can find them on comparison sites or just search google. Taking out a policy will give you peace of mind.


Standard cancellation terms

See our terms and conditions  – cancellation terms change depending upon how much notice you give us.

When we accept a booking from you we exclusively reserve the cottage(s) selected for the dates requested and decline all future booking requests for these dates. Most people book well ahead and it can be difficult to find a new booking at late notice, particularly for the larger cottages.

We understand that people sometimes need to cancel and ask that you please give us a much notice as possible so that we have a chance to rebook the cottage.


Master Cancel cover

This is no longer available for new bookings – it was available for most bookings from April 2020 to December 2020. Some bookings did not qualify eg if they were for more than 6 people whilst the Rule of 6 was law in the UK.

If in doubt just drop Elaine an email or call on 01482 888111

If you would like more details then please do not hesitate to contact Elaine at Broadgate Farm Holiday Cottages.